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I'm a master student in functional materials science especially researching energy-conversion photocatalytic materials. In order to improve the performance of materials, we are working on materials synthesis and analysis, mainly evaluating from fundamental viewpoints such as electronic and crystal structures.

Currently, I'm working on carbon nitride polymers that exhibit photocatalytic activity in response to visible light.

  • Birthday: 23 April 1997
  • City: Noda city, Japan
  • Age: 24
  • Email: Goichiroseo@gmail.com


My mainly techniques to analyze materials.


photoelectron spectroscopy(PES) and inversed photoelectron spectroscopy(IPES) are techniques to analyze the electronic structure of materials by observing the relative energies of electrons in atoms and molecules.

X-ray diffraction

X-ray diffraction(XRD) is a technique to determining the atomic and molecular structure of a material by measuring the angles and intensities of these diffracted beams.

DFT calculation

It is a method for calculating the electronic structure and optimized structure of materials based on the density functional theory. When combined with XRD and PES/IPES, it is a powerful method of material analysis.


Doctoral cource of Science and Technology

2022 - present

Tokyo University of science

Exploring new applications of poly(heptazine imide), which have never been explored before.
Poly(heptazine imide) called as PHI, one of the graphitic carbon nitrides, has been mainly studied for photocatalytic applications. On the other hand, PHI has characteristic properties such as encapsulation Alkali ions in the structure, a strong three-fold symmetry framework, and long lived excited states. I am convinced that these unique properties of PHI will lead to new applications not found in conventional graphitic carbon nitirides.

Master of Science and Technology

2020 - 2022

Tokyo University of science

Development of novel photocatalytic materials with high hydrogen-collecting capacity using optical energy storage. The mechanism of the photocatalytic activity of poly(heptazine imide) under dark conditions called "Dark photocatalysis" was addressed from a fundamental point of view.

Bachelor of Science and Technology

2016 - 2020

Tokyo University of science

Synthesis of graphitic carbon nitride under low ammonia partial pressure. I have been working on the synthesis of graphitic carbon nitride, which is theoretically predicted to have more efficient hydrogen generation capability, and have succeeded in obtaining nanoscale graphitic carbon nitiride.


Synthesis of carbon nitride oligomer as a precursor of melon with improved fluorescence quantum yield

Yuto Miyake, Goichiro Seo, Kotaro Matsuhashi, Noriyuki Takadab and Kaname Kanai

Mechanism of Charge Accumulation of Poly(heptazine imide) Gel

Goichiro Seo, Yuki Saito, Miyu Nakamichi, Kyohei Nakano, Keisuke Tajima, Kaname Kanai

Synthesis of graphitic carbon nitride under low ammonia partial pressure

Hiroya Inoki, Goichiro Seo, Kaname Kanai


Elucidation of mechanism of charge accumulation of Poly(heptazine imide)

Goichiro Seo, Yuki Saito, Miyu Nakamichi, Kaname Kanai

Domestic Conference

リチウムイオンを内包した高純度なPoly(heptazine imide) の合成


Poly(heptazine imide) における電荷集積現象のメカニズム





2021年度 東京理科大学理工学部長表彰



Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science
2641 Yamazaki, Noda, Chiba 278-8510, Japan

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